We want to especially thank the following supporters:

City of Tyler Mayor Martin Heines and four former Tyler Mayors who endorsed the 2017 Bond! View press release HERE.

Click Here to view the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce endorsement!

Click Here to view the Tyler Morning Telegraph endorsement!

Click Here for videos from the Higher Education press conference.

The Tyler ISD bond programs have consistently been accomplished on time and under budget. We can be very proud of the facilities that have been built, thanks to the support of the voters. I hope we can once again earn the support of our community as we move forward with this bond proposal to revitalize both of our high school campuses.

Kevin Eltife

Former State Senator and Current Regent, University of Texas System

We endorse the current $198 million bond proposal that would renovate both of Tyler’s high schools.

Tyler Morning Telegraph

My wife and I are retired educators and residents of Tyler, and we are delighted to vote FOR the upcoming bond. We strongly believe our vote will help create quality facilities for our future leaders and citizens of Tyler. We encourage you to do the same!

Kathryn and Gary Mooring

Former Supt of Schools, Tyler ISD

We are excited to support the upcoming Tyler ISD Bond to renovate both John Tyler and Robert E. Lee High School. … These last nine years we have personally experienced and supported Tyler ISD’s goal of improving the educational opportunities for the children of our great city. They have made great strides in this effort, proving that their resolve is steadfast and they are financially responsible with the funds taxpayers have approved thus far. … Putting the education of our children first, and equipping them with skills will not only continue to build our sense of community, but will benefit our city economically in the long-term. We are already seeing this with the CTC programs. These are exciting times in Tyler, Texas, and believe IT IS TIME that our high school facilities are updated to reach the new levels of excellence in education that we are striving to achieve.  Our educators need 21st century tools to teach our 21st century children!  We hope you will join us in supporting education for ALL the children here in Tyler, Texas!
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Burlison

Tyler ISD Parents

Billy and I both went to REL, and only a few updates have been made since we graduated in the mid 70’s and early 80’s.  Tyler families and students need high schools that are in line with our beautiful, technologically up-to-date, security-conscious, new (or newly renovated) elementary and middle schools.  TISD high schools lose quality families and students to other schools and online programs, in part, because REL and JT are in desperate need of major updates in virtually every area.  REL and JT will also retain and attract the best teachers with upgraded campuses.  It is time for us to be as proud of our high school campuses as we are of the dedicated teachers, administrators, and promising students who walk their halls.

Tisa and Billy Hibbs

Alumni, Robert E Lee HS

When I was growing up, the public schools were a point of pride for every community. But something has happened in our society. It has become popular to decry our schools and paint them as failing institutions. This is a tragedy. I think it’s time to make our schools the focus of our community pride once again. Our two great high schools are badly in need of updates and improvements. I firmly believe in the fundamental value of education, and if we’re serious about it, then we have to provide the kind of facilities that can support the kind of education we want for our children.

Stuart Baskin

Pastor, First Presbyterian Church

I believe there is a spiritual message in supporting the Tyler ISD bond. It is our holy obligation to teach our children. As a community, we need to come together and provide the best space for them to learn and grow. Revitalizing our two high schools sends the clear message to our students that we care about where they learn as well as what they learn. It is with love and blessing that I support the passage of the Tyler ISD school bond.
Rabbi Neal Katz

Congregation Beth El

I believe this bond is the future of not only my children’s future, but it’s also crucial to Tyler’s future! Our kids deserve a high school that is equipped and capable of launching them into an ever changing world that requires an extra edge!

Jessica Carroll

Tyler ISD Parent

We need to pass this bond so that we may complete our facilities with the renovation of John Tyler and Robert E. Lee High Schools. We strongly believe that our “YES” vote will create quality facilities for our educators, future leaders, and citizens of Tyler.
Shirley and Cliff Hughes

I’m proud to be a Tylerite. Our high schools desperately need to be updated to reflect what a great place this is to raise a family, live, work, and go to school. Vote YES!

Toni Hibbs

Having secure, quality schools is so important for our students and the community as a whole. I will be voting YES in the upcoming bond election!

Sindy Oldham

Teacher, Bell Elementary

We decided to move our children from private to public school when we realized the numerous opportunities that the public school had to offer.  We have been greeted with open arms every step of the way.  We have been so impressed with everyone involved in the TISD administration and their willingness to support our children especially the incredible teachers.  They have gone above and beyond getting to know each one of our children personally and encouraging them to be all that they can be.  All three of our children are  thriving in the TISD system beyond what we could have ever imagined.  We couldn’t be happier! Thank you TISD!  It’s time to now show the administration and the teachers how much we appreciate them and their tireless efforts with each one of the students by giving them and the students a safer and better learning environment. Vote yes for the Bond so that the hard work and countless hours hat have been put in by so many may now become a reality in moving Robert E Lee and John Tyler into the 21st Century.  This Bond election can open so many doors for the educational future of our children and for the community as a whole.  Vote YES!

Karen and Carey Clark

Investing in the future of our children is a win-win for all generations.

Steve Niedrauer

Science, John Tyler High School

Now that the elementary and middle school needs have been taken care of, it is time to address the high school needs. Our children deserve updated facilities and the time is now to vote YES on the bond!
Sharon Amaral Back

Our community has changed dramatically since Tracy was in the first year of students to attend Robert E. Lee in 1963. Now, more than 50 years later, it is time to revitalize Lee and John Tyler for the next generations. Join us in being “Tyler Proud” and vote FOR the TISD Bond on May 6th.

Pam and Tracy Lisner

These new schools are what Tyler needs to continue to grow and educate a modern workforce.

Catherine Harrison

Tyler ISD needs our support to provide our children with the tools they need to be successful. Join me in helping our public schools fill the toolbox for our children and build a stonger community.  It’s our privilege and responsibility.

Julie Maberry

  • Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Tyler ISD Foundation
  • Tyler ISD Council of PTAs
  • Robert E. Lee HS PTA
  • Ashley and Mark Randall
  • Kristen Baldwin
  • Leslie and Rev. Ross Strader
  • Elicia and Dr. Scott Eckert
  • David Stein
  • Jamie and Robert Frederick
  • Carol Foley
  • Audra Kisamore
  • Maureen Kaiser
  • Jennifer and Will Rainer
  • Amy Lively
  • Betsy and Jeb Jones
  • Kathryn and Aaron Martinez
  • Dr. and Mrs. Scott Burlison
  • Michelle and Jeff Carr
  • Kathryn and Gary Mooring
  • Mandi and Brian Adams
  • Sara and Mark Uzzell
  • Will Richey
  • Rosland Williams
  • Paige and Matt Martin
  • Wanda Barber
  • Kari Smith
  • Kelli and Blake Armstrong
  • Toni Hibbs
  • Mandy and Chris Moore
  • Tucker King
  • Camille Buie
  • Lori Coe
  • Summer Greenslade
  • Susie and Barry Lofquist
  • Keitha McLain
  • Jillian and Bryan Carter
  • Amber Gonzalez
  • Daisy and Scot Pridgen
  • Tisa and Billy Hibbs
  • Brandon Blakely
  • Stuart Baskin
  • Alan Brown
  • Jerome Milton
  • Alison and Keith Ables
  • Heidi and Jeromy Beebe
  • Stephen Rhoads
  • Sharon Amaral Back
  • Marc Loredo
  • Lindy Britt
  • Shelby and Chad Allen
  • Julie Maberry
  • John Landes
  • Sarina and Rev. Fritz Hager, Jr.
  • Stefanie and Jeff Bice
  • Jen and Rabbi Neal Katz
  • Whitney and Matt Fate
  • Ellen Peirce
  • Shannon Franzen
  • Debbie and Tom Matteucci
  • Jo Ann and Randy Grooms
  • Joleen and Geoffrey Doke
  • Camille Ross
  • Dottie and Tony Bisagno
  • Bridget and John Fry
  • Dr. Rosemary and Steve Cooper
  • Jamie and Drew Landes
  • Louise and Jeff Arnold
  • Paige and Cameron Engel
  • Mr and Mrs Joshua Osorio
  • Chelsea and Patrick Cooper
  • Sherry and Tim Simpson
  • Brendalis Aguila
  • Lauren Mirsky
  • Melissa Peveto
  • Jessica Carroll
  • Demi Swan
  • Bess and Jim Arnold
  • Melissa Taylor
  • Fred Bowie
  • Joni and Shaye White
  • Tammy Williams
  • Kristy Faulks
  • Kelley Decker
  • Lisa and David McClure
  • Kelley and Casey Brownlow
  • Shelly Allen
  • Keri Clark
  • Pike Wisner
  • Anwar Khalifa
  • Lance Bolay
  • Amy and Scott Barrett
  • Alice Rhodes
  • Staci Zolkoski
  • Lara and Jeff Miller
  • Lindsay Wampler
  • Chris Pulliam
  • LeAnne and Nathan Priest
  • Catherine Harrison
  • Shawna Tankersley
  • Melody and Ray Wilson
  • Octavio Téllez
  • Tina Christian
  • Sherri Caton
  • Ana and Stephen Gaffney
  • Karen and Carey Clark
  • Stephanie McClintock
  • Kim and Bobby Asad
  • Nick Pesina
  • Molly Wolf

The Tyler ISD Foundation supports the bond election called by Tyler ISD and encourages all members of the the TISD Community to join in supporting and voting FOR the the proposed bond on May 6, 2017.  The Foundation is proud to continue our partnership with TISD, providing opportunities for an exemplary educational experience for District students.

Debbie Matteucci

President, Tyler ISD Foundation

The parents and teachers of Robert E. Lee High School PTA enthusiastically support the bond effort to address the critical needs of our dearly loved, but sorely outdated and inefficient high school facilities. Our great school is already reflected on the inside in the hearts and minds of our outstanding faculty and students, but it’s High Time that it’s reflected on the outside as well, by beautiful state-of-the-art facilities that our entire community can be proud of.  Our thanks to the Tyler community for its continued investment in the future of our city–our children!
Sarina Hager

President, Robert E. Lee High School PTA 2016-17

We are thankful the citizens of Tyler made an investment in TISD over 50 years ago when my wife and I were students. On May 6th, we have the privilege of making an investment in our students and community to provide updated, safer facilities that will motivate them to reach their full potential and make a difference in this world long after we are gone.

Pam and Don Thedford

John Tyler class of 1967 and Lee class of 1966

Being a Tyler ISD student has been a blessing. Throughout my entire academic experience, I’ve had quality teachers that motivate and differentiate instructions in order to meet the needs of their students. I am fortunate to have been a participant in the classes at the CTC, where I have also been academically challenged. One challenge resulted in my invention. I appreciate the opportunities that Tyler ISD has provided me. I am proud to be a product of Tyler ISD.

Royland Black

Member of the Lee Football Team – As well as an INVENTOR of a product currently in the process of being patented, Senior, Robert E Lee HS

We hope and pray that our high schools get the attention they so desperately need. Our children and the staff at both high schools deserve environments that mirror their strengths and their achievements.  When children are given the opportunity to learn in environments in which they feel creative, safe and productive, their whole attitudes change. We have seen this at Woods Elementary. When teachers are given well lit, clean and up to date classrooms and facilities, they feel more appreciated. Please honor both our community’s future in these children and it’s backbone in these teachers and administrators and staff as they help prepare the children to start their lives as adults.

Whitney Fate

Tyler ISD Parent

I am happy to support the Tyler ISD bond. I want to encourage all our citizenry to tote your vote for hope. For a new day and a new way. … This (bond) is the right thing to do, at the right time to do it, for the right students in the right community. I’m proud to be a part of Tyler Proud.

Jerome Milton

Pastor, Greater New Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church

The Tyler ISD school bond a chance to give our children two upgraded schools for which we can all be proud.  As a homebuilder myself, I know the importance of building a new property.  I know firsthand that a new home – or a new school – brings energy and excitement to those who dwell inside. Revitalizing Robert E. Lee and John Tyler High Schools presents our community with a great opportunity for strengthening our already great public schools. Tyler ISD is as cautious with this public trust as we expect them to be – and that is why I am comfortable supporting this next bond. Not only is it needed for the spiritual, educational, and communal reasons, but I also trust that TISD will be good stewards of the money.

Anwar Khalifa

East Texas Islamic Society

I believe that excellence in our schools will radiate throughout our community in so many ways. I’m excited to see some of the ways unfold in the years ahead.

Chris Pullman

Senior Pastor, First Christian Church

Schools reflect the priorities of a city. We definitely need to pass this bond and improve our high schools.

Alice Rhodes

Retired Teacher, Robert E Lee HS

As parents who have chosen to educate our children in both private school and TISD, we are thankful Tyler has such great offerings to meet the needs of every child. We have appreciated the wonderful experience our son has had at Lee and believe this bond will provide even more of what our 21st-century students needs to succeed in today’s world.  We are voting for the TISD bond and encourage you to do as well – a decision that will positively impact our entire community, wherever you live, work or attend school, for generations to come!

Dottie and Tony Bisagno

Tyler ISD Parents

Go VOTE Yes!!!

Tina Christian

A small investment per household will make a immeasurable difference in our children, future workforce and leaders of our community.

Alan Brown

It’s time to make our high schools safe, modern, conducive to learning and nice-looking. We need to be able to attract good teachers to Tyler, as well as new businesses and families. Vote “YES” on May 6!

Shawna Tankersley

As an employee, I am excited about my future students getting a state of the art campus where they can see their dreams come true. As a parent and a taxpayer, we have every responsibility to give this to the future students and community members of Tyler, Texas!

Shannon Johnson

Assistant Principal, Clarkston Elementary

I am a proud product of Tyler Public Schools and I’m now fortunate to teach here. This bond is vital for our 2 high schools. They are in much need of of the repairs and improvement, as our city continues to grow. Please vote for the bond!

Jill O'Farrell

Librarian, Three Lakes Middle School

Our students deserve the best, VOTE yes!

Nick Pesina

  • Candace Veatch, AVID, Hubbard MS
  • Allison Rogers, AP English, REL HS
  • Sarah Starr, Librarian, Hubbard MS
  • Ashlee McClure, 1st Grade, Caldwell ES
  • Lyndsay Shaffer, Dance, Cheer Coach, REL HS
  • Carlee Tennison, Special Ed., Jack ES
  • Sarah Norris, 6th Grade, Hubbard MS
  • Sarah Jane Walker, Counselor, Bell ES
  • Sharon Evans, Coord. of Therapy, Special Ed
  • Rachael Osteen, Science, Hubbard MS
  • Nicole Aubuchon, 1st Grade, Caldwell ES
  • Coach Ricklan Holmes, John Tyler FB
  • Vanessa Holmes, Principal, Dogan MS
  • Mary Batie, 3rd Grade, Caldwell ES
  • Katie Lee, Asst. Principal, Caldwell ES
  • Bobby Markle, Principal, Caldwell ES
  • Trista Gaona, Inst. Specialist, TISD
  • April Caldwell, AVID/UIL/Debate, JT HS
  • Antoine Bush, Teacher/Coach, John Tyler HS
  • Jayme Moore, Teacher/Coach, John Tyler HS
  • Tamela Struggs, Teacher, John Tyler HS
  • Larry Wade, Jr., Head Band Dir, John Tyler HS
  • Nancy Caraway, ELA, John Tyler HS
  • Jennifer McClellan, 3rd Grade, Woods ES
  • Lisa Hughes, 3rd Grade, Rice ES
  • Keri McIntosh, 1st Grade, Rice ES
  • Merritt Glanton, 4th Grade, Rice ES
  • Michele Snelson, 3rd Grade, Rice ES
  • Shawn Kisamore, 4th Grade, Rice ES
  • Jennifer Alden, 1st Grade, Rice ES
  • Marie Haynes, Teacher, Rice ES
  • Diana Koop, Counselor, Rice ES
  • Karly Koop, Para, Rice ES
  • Craig Dickey, Asst. Principal, Rice ES
  • Shelly Bosley, Principal, Rice ES
  • Tonya Morris, 3rd Grade, Rice ES
  • Lisia Hampton, 4th Grade, Rice ES
  • Tammy Smith, Speech, Rice ES
  • Meghan Ricker, 1st Grade, Rice ES
  • Leslie Wood, Secretary, Rice ES
  • Dori Lewis, Teacher, Moore MST
  • Brandi Johnson, Kindergarten, Jack ES
  • Jerry Miller, Music, Jack ES
  • Tristan Arrington, 5th Grade, Jack ES
  • Kylie Spears, Asst. Principal, Jack ES
  • Ashley Smith, Asst. Principal, Jack ES
  • LaToiya Thompson, 3rd Grade, Jack ES
  • Kathleen Lindsey, Alg I, Three Lakes MS
  • Melanie Thomas, Counselor, Jack ES
  • Morgan Davis, Kindergarten, Jack ES
  • Kim Lumpkins, 5th Grade, Jack ES
  • Natalie Bagley, 4th Grade, Jack ES
  • Emily Allen, 1st Grade, Jack ES
  • Courtney Heck, 2nd Grade, Jack ES
  • Laurie Fullen, 2nd Grade, Jack ES
  • Patti Henderson, Principal, Jack ES
  • Jennifer Phillips, 3rd Grade, Jack ES
  • Ginger Corey, Art, Jack ES
  • Jessica Martin, Kindergarten, Jack ES
  • Tori Dennie, Teacher, Jack ES
  • C’aaron Stephens, Teacher, Jack ES
  • Melissa Tellez, 4th Grade, Jack ES
  • Sandy Tillis, Teacher, Jack ES
  • Samantha Harvey, 3rd Grade, Jack ES
  • Regina Lane, Teacher, Owens ES
  • Stacy Mathis, 2nd Grade, Owens ES
  • Linda Gazette, Teacher, Owens ES
  • Lindsay Jenkins, 4th Grade, Owens ES
  • Meagan Arnold, Teacher, Owens ES
  • Dana Miller, Kindergarten, Owens ES
  • Kelley Smithson, Teacher, Owens ES
  • Karen Reeves, 4th Grade, Owens ES
  • Laurie Greathouse, Principal, Owens ES
  • Barbara Lowe, Kinder., Owens ES
  • Dianne Brown, Kinder., Owens ES
  • Kim Baiza, 4th Grade, Owens ES
  • Jennifer Reeves, 3rd Grade, Owens ES
  • Mary Rouquette, 3rd Grade, Owens ES
  • Randy Horton, Spec. Ed., Owens ES
  • Rachel Haider, Counselor, Owens ES
  • Shinnitta Foreman, AP, Owens ES
  • Kergy Smith, Librarian, Moore MST
  • Claude Lane, Principal, Moore MST
  • Jori Patterson, Math, Moore MST
  • Amy Jones, Science, Moore MST
  • Donna Rhodes, Math, Moore MST
  • Amanda Nail, ELAR, Moore MST
  • Larra Selman, Counselor, Moore MST
  • Theresa Mascola, Science, Moore MST
  • Kristen Dickerson, ELAR, Moore MST
  • Kathy Miles, Math, Moore MST
  • Ashley Turner, Soc. Stud., Moore MST
  • Kay Bellar, Asst. Principal, Moore MST
  • Jill O’Farrell, Librarian, Three Lakes MS
  • Rachel Diaz, 3rd Grade, Woods ES
  • LeAnn Hall, 3rd Grade, Woods ES
  • Melissa O’Neal, 4th Grade, Woods ES
  • Stephen Young, Asst. Principal, Woods ES
  • Kim Costanza, 3rd Grade, Woods ES
  • Caitlin Shults, Kindergarten, Woods ES
  • Ronald Greer, 4th Grade, Woods ES
  • Becky Kahn, Counselor, Woods ES
  • Mary Beth Keeling, PE, Woods ES
  • Veronica Johnigan, Kinder., Woods ES
  • Natalie Weber, 4th Grade, Woods ES
  • Shabnam Khalatbari, 2nd, Clarkston ES
  • Mary Ann Post, Teacher, Clarkston ES
  • Chandra Tucker, Kinder., Clarkston ES
  • Deborah Scott, ESL, Boulter MS
  • Vivianne McGowan, ELAR, AVID, Boulter MS
  • Christie O’Neal, ELAR, Boulter MS
  • Christolyn J Milligan, Choir, Boulter MS
  • Christopher Lanier, Teacher, Boulter MS
  • Chastadee Chain, ESL Lead, Boulter MS
  • Carol Ann Jones, Math, Boulter MS
  • Ray D. Scott, Jr., ELAR, Boulter MS
  • Kevin Masenburge, Math, Boulter MS
  • Anakaren Jaimes, ESL Asst., Boulter MS
  • Chamecca Osborne, Counselor, Boulter MS
  • Edna Swafford, Math, Boulter MS
  • Nancy Smith, Admin. Asst., Boulter MS
  • Omar Steward, Coach, Boulter MS
  • Ke’Undra Mumphrey, ELAR, Boulter MS
  • Sibul Rodriguez, Spanish, Boulter MS
  • Aricul Johnson, Teacher, Boulter MS
  • Regina Monn, Life Skills, Boulter MS
  • Justin Simmons, History, Boulter MS
  • Mark Lininger, Science, Boulter MS
  • John Williams, Asst. Principal, Boulter MS
  • Crystal Hooper, 5th Grade, Jones ES
  • Elizabeth Cappaert, Math, John Tyler HS
  • Toby Wahl, Geography, John Tyler HS
  • Jean Williams, Para., John Tyler HS
  • Yazmin Rivera-Flores, Math, John Tyler HS
  • LaMessa Derrett, Coach, John Tyler HS
  • Brian Rapp, Teacher, John Tyler HS
  • Eric Sukiennik, Physics, John Tyler HS
  • Jason Brookshire, History, John Tyler HS
  • Eva Mota, Spanish, John Tyler HS
  • Edgar Rodriguez, AP, John Tyler HS
  • Courtney Harper, Hall, John Tyler HS
  • Linda Johnson, Hall, John Tyler HS
  • Latasha Welch, Teacher, John Tyler HS

The Council of PTAs is proud to support this bond!

Maureen Kaiser

President, Tyler ISD Council of PTAs

We need to vote yes for the school bond. Our kids need it, our community needs it, Tyler needs it. It’s something we’ve all been waiting for since we started building up the elementarys and middle schools. It’s HIGH TIME for the high schools! Vote yes!

Ricklan Holmes

Head Football Coach and Athletic Coordinator, John Tyler High School

As a student of Tyler ISD, I have been blessed with a first class education. I have had amazing teachers and numerous opportunities throughout my school career. My teachers prioritized my educationand instilled character traits in me to make me a successful person. They were able to take a crazy hair boy, who wiggled too much, and who needed role models, and help mold me into the young man I am today. Two years ago, I had an opportunity to join my speech and debate team at John Tyler High School, and it was at this point that I realized the full impact of my education at Tyler ISD. It has given me a foundation of knowledge, and the hope to dream of being anything that I want to be, It is that same knowledge and hope that makes me look to the future needs of our community. As we continue to grow we must look to the future students who will enter TISD and the impact of our educational system on our community. Presently, our two high schools are in dire need of a rebuild. In the upcoming days we have the ability to ensure future success for our students, by voting FOR the TISD Bond. The vote for the bond is a testimony to our willingness to create a more cohesive, collaborative, and safe learning environment for our students. Please take the time to make your voice heard. A vote yes is a first step to ensuring a hopeful tomorrow.

Triston Ferguson

Member of the Debate Team – 2016 Texas State Champion & National Qualifier in the Sons of the American Revolution Contest, District Champion, Top Speaker, 1St place in the Voice of Democracy Contest, 3 different District-wide recognitions for his High School Achievements, 3rd place at State in Debate, State finalist for 6A Congressional Debate, Senior, John Tyler High School

Our students are the future of Tyler, not just Tyler ISD. High school students may not be as cute as elementary students, but their needs in our ever-changing world are certainly more immediate, maybe more dire. Thus, I view it as the responsibility of everyone in our community to pass a bond that would finance two new high schools, ensuring an even more successful, innovative, and responsible East Texas tomorrow.

Allison Rogers

AP English, Robert E. Lee HS

We have to come together now and support this for the students. It’s not about what anyone is not getting, it’s about what all kids are getting and they deserve this so much. When the polls open I will be there to vote in support of this and ask you to as well. Our purpose is not about us; it’s about this community. There is no better time, no greater time, no bigger need than this right now. I implore you to come together for the students of Tyler ISD.

Vanessa Holmes

Principal, Dogan Middle School

We have expectations of our children to fulfill certain responsibilities and duties at home, which instills a sense of pride in them. This also works in reverse! Let’s give our children schools that they can be proud of, so they want to contribute and fulfill obligations at their schools!
Lyndsay Shaffer

Dance, Pom, Cheer Coach, REL HS

Please vote YES! Our students and community deserve this!!

Ross Barber

Coach, REL HS

It is time for our high schools to enter the 21st century….for our children…for our community…for our future!

Sarah Jane Walker

Counselor, Bell Elementary School

I am proud to support the upcoming TISD bond! Our students, teachers, and community deserve new high schools to provide safety, upgrades in technology and learning environments, and opportunities to grow.

Candace Veatch

AVID Coordinator/Elective Teacher, Hubbard Middle School

Do your research and vote yes for new high schools for Tyler students!
Sarah Starr

Librarian, Hubbard Middle School

As a Tyler ISD teacher, and former TISD student, i endorse this school bond for many reasons. But above all, I believe in the students and teachers of Tyler ISD. I believe that each one of them deserve to teach and learn in the best environment possible.  This bond will allow that to happen, and will therefore give the students and teachers of TISD a catalyst to enrich the wonderful learning that is already happening in this district!

Sarah Norris

6th Grade, Hubbard Middle School

As a TISD teacher for 20+ years, it is time to honor all of the students and teachers of Tyler by finishing the process of improvements to the high schools. Anyone attending or driving by REL or JT can see  that these renovations are long overdue.

Please say ‘yes’ on May 6th!

Kim Costanza

3rd Grade, Andy Woods Elementary

It’s time that Tyler saw through its promise to give our students the tools and learning environment they need for success. Helping our students helps our community.

Tina Bausinger

Teacher, Robert E Lee High School

A great community such as Tyler should have great schools, and it is high time to update our two high school campuses to 21st century standards!

Todd Lawson

Counselor, Robert E Lee HS

There is no price too great for the continuing education of our young people. We have one opportunity to shape lives through education.

Jason Adams

Social Studies/Coach, Hubbard Middle School

Our students are worth it, our community is worth it. By investing in our future, we are creating brighter tomorrow’s for generations to come!
Nicole Aubuchon

1st Grade, Caldwell Arts Academy


Alan Simmons

Men's Basketball Coach, Robert E Lee HS


  • Jeremy Deimund, Teacher/Coach, HMS
  • Tamara Colston, Asst. Principal, HMS
  • Julie Haley, Teacher, Hubbard MS
  • Melissa Martin, Teacher, Hubbard MS
  • Denise Custer, Teacher/Coach, HMS
  • Kenna Patton, Science, Hubbard MS
  • Nicholas, Colle, Science, HMS
  • Makea Simon, Math, Hubbard MS
  • Cody Winstead, PE, Hubbard MS
  • Gayle Walker, Science, Hubbard MS
  • Indira Trejo, Math, Hubbard MS
  • Sarah Hancock, ELAR, Hubbard MS
  • Jennifer Lane, ELAR, Hubbard MS
  • Angie Kowalski, PTC, Hubbard MS
  • Kelsey Pate, Choir/Orch., HMS
  • Cassie White, ELAR, Hubbard MS
  • Kevin Blain, Principal, Hubbard MS
  • Shari Ellsworth, Theatre, HMS
  • Yumesha Mosley, Teacher, HMS
  • J.T. Foley, Teacher, Hubbard MS
  • Madison Stanley, History, HMS
  • Jennie Ables, ELL, Hubbard MS
  • Teresa Peloquin, Teacher, HMS
  • Kristina McMichael, Coach, HMS
  • Cara Huffine, Coach/Teacher, HMS
  • Katie Summers, Math, Hubbard MS
  • Katherine Bozick, Soc. Studies, HMS
  • Ashley Bendy, Teacher, Hubbard MS
  • Kathy Haley, 5th Grade, Caldwell ES
  • Lisa Lininger, Orch, Three Lakes MS
  • Ricky Rocha, Teacher/Coach, TLMS
  • Wilbert Brice, Teacher, TLMS
  • Kathleen Lindsey, Coach, TLMS
  • Mary Walker, Science, TLMS
  • Melissa Lee, Coach, Three Lakes MS
  • Maggie Wright, Coach, TLMS
  • Lisa Ellis, Teacher, Three Lakes MS
  • Carly Griffin, Math, Three Lakes MS
  • Julie Henry, C&I, Jack ES
  • Jennifer Hutson, Kindergarten, Owens ES
  • Allison O’Neal, 5th Grade, Woods ES
  • Sindy Oldham, Dyslexia, Bell ES
  • Kim Costanza, 3rd Grade, Woods ES
  • Steve Niedrauer, Science, John Tyler HS
  • Ryan West, Club Coach, Aquatic Center
  • Ross Barber, Coach, Robert E Lee HS
  • Shannon Johnson, AP, Clarkston ES
  • Todd Lawson, Counselor, REL HS
  • Eleni Fancher, Assess. Coord., REL HS
  • Martha Waggonner, Dyslexia, Gary
  • Amy Anderson, Teacher, TARGET
  • Tina Bausinger, Teacher, REL HS
  • Jason Adams, Teacher/Coach, HMS
  • Mark Johnson, Teacher, RISE Academy
  • Shana Steele, Counselor, REL HS
  • Lindy Sanders, ARD Specialist, REL HS
  • Shelby Allen, RN, Owens ES
  • Craig Weaver, Library, John Tyler HS
  • Kristine Duncan, Media Specialist, REL HS
  • Kala Morrow, Soc. Stud. Lead, JT HS
  • Alan Simmons, Men’s Basketball, REL HS
  • Shelly Glasscock, Soc. Stud., REL HS
  • Vicky Bayless, Psychology, REL HS
  • Clint Taylor, Biology, REL HS
  • Allison Taylor, Science, Dogan MS
  • Amy Norris, Math, REL HS
  • Limuel Norris, History, REL HS
  • Jason Hesskew, History, REL HS
  • William Johnson, Chemistry, REL HS
  • Tracey Myers, Teacher, REL HS
  • Ana Jimenez, 2nd Grade, Griffin ES
  • Adrian Kellerman, Spanish, REL HS
  • Chris Pritchard, Math, REL HS
  • Emily Keese, Teacher, REL HS
  • Danielle Traylor, Teacher, REL HS
  • Emily Breedlove, Physics/Coach, REL HS
  • Keith Showen, English, REL HS
  • Josh Loeffler, Math, REL HS
  • Allison Powell, English, REL HS
  • Debra Frazier, Physics, REL HS
  • Jennifer Perry, Chem., REL HS
  • Jason Petty, Aquatics Coach, REL HS
  • Louis Stephens, Gov./Hist., REL HS
  • Jerry G. Page, Choir, REL HS
  • Amy Campbell, Counselor, REL HS
  • Matt Wright, Economics/Coach, REL HS
  • Brandi Bryant-Williams, Eng., REL HS
  • Rasheedah Muhammad, Teach., REL HS
  • Diane Carnes, Counselor, REL HS
  • Dan Crawford, Principal, REL HS
  • Jennifer Orren, Dean, REL HS
  • Susana Martinez, Asst. Principal, REL HS
  • Blanca Story, Spanish, REL HS
  • Jane Neal, French, REL HS
  • Hannah Miller, ELAR, Moore MST
  • Karen Lawson, Office, Caldwell ES
  • Ashlee McClure, 1st Grade, Caldwell ES
  • Melanie Ransome, Kinder., Caldwell ES
  • Noni Smith, 5th Grade, Caldwell ES
  • Kathy Haley, 5th Grade, Caldwell ES
  • Jolain LaMott, Media, Caldwell ES
  • Lee Ann Bonner, Kinder., Caldwell ES
  • Kimberlee Felix, 2nd Grade, Caldwell ES
  • Tamara Johnson, AP, Caldwell ES
  • Stacy Miles, DIrector, St. Louis ECC
  • Sarah Cureton, 1st Grade, Clarkston ES
  • Gretchen Nabi, Principal, Clarkston ES
  • Karen Phillips, 1st Grade, Clarkston ES
  • Karri Zelmer, Teacher, Clarkston ES
  • Kim Johnson, Para., Boulter MS
  • Joyce Smith-Wade, Para., Boulter MS
  • John Bockman, History, Boulter MS
  • Patricia Clark, Office, Boulter MS
  • LaVoya Franklin, Teacher, Boulter MS
  • Stephen Rabon, Teacher, Boulter MS
  • Lillian Galicia, Admin. Asst., Boulter MS
  • Brookelyn Bush, Teacher, Boulter MS
  • Rodney Curry, Principal, Boulter MS
  • Crystal Clark, Asst. Prin., Boulter MS
  • Angela Holman, Math, Boulter MS
  • Ronna Hanks, Math, Boulter MS
  • Gequetta Horton, Office, Boulter MS
  • Destiny Bizor, Para., Boulter MS
  • Heather Harbaugh, Science, Boulter MS
  • Karen Norman, Teacher, Boulter MS
  • Robin Stidham, Dyslexia, Boulter MS
  • Kodi Pinnell, Science, Boulter MS
  • Michelle Chism, PE/Cheer, Boulter MS
  • Shakeidra Stewart, Teacher, Boulter MS
  • Bettye Sowells, Teacher, Boulter MS
  • Clarice Bledsoe, Science, Boulter MS
  • Rikkita Watson, I.S., Tyler ISD
  • Brittini Blair, I.S., Tyler ISD
  • Chris Worthen, Admin. Asst., Hogg MS
  • Channing Curry, AP, John Tyler HS
  • Rena Sapko, Teacher, John Tyler HS
  • Sh’Quinta Petty, Teacher, John Tyler HS
  • James Garland, Teacher, John Tyler HS
  • LeDana McGee, Math, John Tyler HS
  • Kalbinur Kurban, Calculus, John Tyler HS
  • Beverly Anthony, Teacher, John Tyler HS
  • Mark Morrison, World History, REL HS